Abortion: A Call to Knowledge and Thought

Abortion. Women’s rights. The inviolable dignity of the human person. Big issues – many opinions. I, however, don’t want opinions; I want truth. The majority opinion, or the loudest opinion, does not necessarily equal truth. Truth should guide our lives. Opinions should not guide our lives, or at least not if they do not line up with truth, and with how the universe is ordered.

I beg you — before you declare that your mind is made up, and go with what is the default stance these days, that “A woman has the right to choose,” there is some information you MUST have, and you must pray and think about. You owe it to yourself, to the next generation, and to all of humanity. The issue is too important to just go along with the crowd, or not to take time to learn and ponder. This is THE human rights issue of our time. I write this post with no judgement on anyone for any opinions they hold or claim, or for anything anyone may have done in the past. We all have pasts. We all are influenced by our environment. I only write this to ask you to gain knowledge. That is my only agenda.

First, you must understand the procedures for surgical abortion – first or second trimester. Below are videos with the procedures explained by an Ob/Gyn. Everyone should understand what these medical procedures actually involve. (Note, you need not be hesitant to watch the videos – they are not bloody or gory, but are animated and calmly narrated by the physician.)

A first trimester (5-13 weeks of pregnancy) surgical abortion is an aspiration (suction) dilation and curettage (D & C) abortion. This is the most common type of surgical abortion. The procedure is explained here:

The second trimester (13-24 weeks of pregnancy) surgical abortion, also very common, is a dilation and evacuation (D & E) abortion. The procedure is explained here:

Understand that due to litigation, requirements of providing full informed consent to the woman undergoing an abortion about these procedures, potential risks, complications, and alternatives, which is required with any other medical procedure, are lax. One has to ask why.  To quote from Irrational Woman published in the Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy, Volume 16:223:

Gonzales v. Carhart …brought the question of women’s capacity for healthcare decision-making to the forefront of public legal consciousness. In Carhart, the Court abandoned its previous deference and respect for a woman’s right to be her own decision-maker with regard to abortion and instead determined that a pregnant woman lacks capacity to make her own decisions and to give informed consent to abortion-related medical treatment. According to the Court, the government may make the final decision regarding a pregnant woman’s healthcare to ensure that she realizes her “ultimate” role as a mother.

How stunning, and offensive! Apparently some high-level attorneys and lawmakers think women are so fragile, or so ignorant, that we cannot or should not be trusted with full information to make a decision regarding abortion — and yet the mantra is that it’s a “woman’s right to choose.” Choice means one should have as much information as possible. According to the tenets of informed consent, information should be understandable for a patient according to her level of education, language, etc., but it should not be decided by a court ruling that women do not have the “capacity.” So just know that women undergoing these procedures — perhaps poor and/or  not well educated, are not given adequate information to make a clear decision, in addition to being in a vulnerable situation financially, emotionally, psychologically, and/or medically. Women also are not usually given accurate information about the embryonic and fetal development according to their stage of pregnancy before an abortion; thus the “clump of cells” myth is perpetuated, wrongly. Factor all this together and we have extremely coercive situations for women.

Speaking of fetal development, this is an absolutely stunning depiction of all 9 months of pregnancy shortened into a 4-minute clip. Again, don’t enter this conversation unless you understand the science of embryology. Watch 9 Months Of Pregnancy Is Shortened In One Amazing 4-Minute Clip and consider it with awe and wonder:

Also, you must understand the sheer scale of the number of abortions we are talking about in the USA. We are now over 58,500,000 lost lives to abortion and counting since abortion was made legal in 1973 through the Roe vs. Wade decision. This number is astronomical. It is WAY more than all lives lost in every military conflict the USA has been involved in, combined. It is WAY more than any genocide that has taken place in the course of human history. This is not just something that happens occasionally, when there are dire circumstances, as pro-choice proponents would have you think. The floodgates are wide open, and the sheer magnitude of this issue warrants an honest examination. It used to be that pro-choice advocates said that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare”; in fact it was Hillary Clinton who made that claim well known when she said it over 25 years ago. At 58 million, obviously this is not the case. Please read more about the number of abortions and why it “stopped making sense” for one feminist here; consider her arguments:

When Abortion Stopped Making Sense by Frederica Mathewes-Green published by National Review.

Some other points and thoughts:

  • A woman does not have a right to “do what she wants with her body.” All laws have to do with what we do with our body, do they not? If a woman decides what she wants to do with her body is go and hold up a convenience store at gunpoint, is that ok because she is a woman? No. All laws regard what we do with our bodies, because we are human, and we live out our lives with our bodies. What are the other laws for then, exactly?
  • “You can’t be anti-abortion and also be against universal healthcare, large federal government funded welfare programs to aid the poor, etc.” Actually, the right to life is the first and foremost right – without the right to LIFE, no other benefits, rights or discussions can happen; they are moot. At any rate, the rejection of life is not a solution to poverty, a healthcare crisis, a lack of resources, etc. and these are all separate discussions. This is actually a very scary “solution” to any of these problems – i.e., You propose to eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor? This is not inspiring leadership. This is pathetic, hopeless, and Marxist. Experience tells me that opening ourselves to goodness and life, opens us up to possibilities and to solutions. Necessity is the mother of invention. I do not accept that we need abortion because we haven’t first solved all of these other issues; we will solve them when we have decided that protecting and caring for our people, ALL people, is our first priority and is worthy of our sacrifice and resources.
  • “If you don’t approve of abortion, don’t have one.” Let’s see if this works: if you don’t approve of slavery, don’t own a slave. No – injustice is injustice; it must be called out and fought. I refer you to the videos above about the actual abortion procedures if you aren’t sure if abortion is unjust. Did you watch them?
  • As for the time of viability being when a baby has a right to life, we all are dependent upon others for care at various times in our lives, and certainly all infants are. This is not a factor in a discussion of whether a human life should be protected and have legal rights.
  •  Regarding situations when the life of the mother is at stake… If there is truly a case in which a mother’s life is in danger, then by all means, even the Catholic Church, which has been the most consistent defender of the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death, would say that there is no moral requirement for that mother to sacrifice her own life for that of her unborn child. The mother’s life is just as valuable and sacred as the one she is carrying, and no doubt there are already people who depend on her, whose needs must be considered. In truth, however, these cases are almost nonexistent medically, and they are morally approached in this manner. If a woman needs to be treated medically, and in the course of that treatment, the demise of her unborn child takes place, that is a secondary effect of the treatment and is tragic, but it is not immoral. This is different from directly aborting. If a mother has to be treated, and it is known that this treatment can greatly harm an unborn child, then there needs to be much prayer, discernment, medical advice, and looking at options for the best course. E.g., could treatment be delayed until viability and the baby delivered and cared for? However, if a woman is in a late stage of pregnancy, to hear a doctor say that she “needs” an abortion to save her life is an unbelievable insult to the practice of medicine. If I had such a doctor, I would tell him or her that they were the most pathetic excuse for a medical professional, and I would find one that would implement a plan to deliver my child, have appropriate medical care for the baby, and treat me as needed. Again, these cases are such a small percentage – that number above, 58,000,000 literally has almost nothing to do with cases in which the life of the mother is at stake.
  • Currently in the USA, women have an extra “right” that men do not have. They have the legal right to obtain an abortion; whereas, men have no say whatsoever legally in whether or not their biological child is aborted. Just pointing it out — this is an inequality and therefore an injustice under the law that is based on gender.

The bottom line is this…abortion is demanded by a culture that has separated the act of having sex with the commitments of marriage and raising children. We live in a contraceptive mindset; we have been taught from an early age that the only sins as far as sex goes are 1) repression of our urges, which is harmful and 2) not protecting ourselves from pregnancy or disease. We have accepted this unquestioningly from trusted “experts” who have also flooded the population with contraception (schools, government funded programs) to back it up, so of course we have a demand for abortion. The mindset, plus the easy access to contraception, naturally means more people will be having sex, at younger ages, and not necessarily in committed relationships. This is only an issue of numbers. With more people having sex (way more), then there will inevitably be contraceptive failures (due to user error or just because no contraceptive is 100% effective – none). Therefore, large numbers of those who are having sex are not prepared for commitment and children, and thus abortion is “needed.”

Which brings me to one more consideration. All of this has changed the sexual marketplace in ways that were not foreseen with the advent of the birth control pill, and the sexual revolution in the 1960s. Those who claim to be “women’s rights” proponents have not connected the dots of how everything has shifted in what we can call the sex and marriage marketplace to put women at an enormous disadvantage. Read the Bitter Pill in First Things and watch Economics of Sex here:

Until women do the hard work of learning about, thinking about, and being challenged by these issues, opening our minds and changing our behaviors, nothing will change, and women and their children will continue to be betrayed by abortion and the voices that promote it. If we don’t, many are only too happy to take advantage of the “available opportunities” and then do everything possible to eliminate the consequences (i.e., children). Women, it’s in our hands. Do we want to continue with the groupthink, to our own detriment and that of the next generation? Or do we want to truly be strong, live out our sexuality with integrity, and entrust it to the Lord, who has told us how we will be protected and happy. It is a great gift. He is ever patient, always ready to teach us, lead us on the way. What is one small change you can make today to change your mindset? One small step at a time is all that is needed.

There is no “safe sex” people. It was never meant to be “safe”. It is meant to be a total, selfless, life-giving, all encompassing gift of one’s whole body, life, future —everything
–to the one who promised before God and others to give that back in return. And we just settle for so much less and wonder why we are unhappy and “need” atrocities like abortion. This is the beginning of another post, I suppose.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge” says the Lord. Hosea 4:6


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