They Rose Up

They rose up and drove him out of the town (Luke 4:29)


They rose up and drove him out of the town (Luke 4:29)

I was reading a meditation about this verse, just after I had said a silent prayer to Our Lord to give me courage, to lead me, with regards to something I knew I should do, but was scared to do, afraid that He would not provide what I needed.

Jesus had just told the people that a prophet was never accepted in his own hometown. He pointed out Naaman the Syrian, whom Elisha healed of leprosy. Let’s look at Naaman. Like the people here, Naaman heard from a prophet, but didn’t like what he heard as far as what he needed to do to be healed. Why can’t he just lay his hands on me and heal me instantly, he wondered. Why do I  have to go to all the way to Israel when Syria had its own, cleaner rivers?

I know this line of thought. This is what I do when I’m confronted with something that I know the Spirit is calling me to do, but I’m scared to do or I don’t want to because it is hard. I try to list all the reasons why I shouldn’t do it. If this was God’s will, why didn’t He just make it so, why do I have to take this leap of faith? This is what I was confronted with the other night when I uttered my prayer for God to show me His way. I opened my little meditation book, and found a meditation on just that. It was all I needed; the  next morning I immediately did what I was being called to do. It was scary, but I know that God is with me.

My God, grant me courage to “listen to Him” as you have called me to do. Blessed Mother, take my by the hand and help me to do whatever He tells me.


March 15, 2010

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